Is Your Introduction

Thank you for the purchase of your new home. We hope your new home provides you with many years of comfort and enjoyment.  The bulk of our work is now complete, however, Kingsmith Homes sees the possession of your home as a milestone not a completion date.  We will continue to walk with you through the warranty period of your home to ensure that your home performs like it is built and intended to. The following is the breakdown on how the warranty period works:


One year - This warranty provides you with coverage for defects in materials and labor which include items such as flooring and fixtures.


Two year delivery and distribution systems - This warranty provides you with coverage for defects in materials and labor related to delivery and distribution systems including heating, electrical and plumbing systems within the home.


Five year building envelope - Offers coverage against defects in the building envelope. This means that the outside and inside environments which are separated by the building envelope need to remain intact in order for your home function properly. NOTE: It is your option to increase your five year envelope warranty to seven years, but this comes with a cost.  Please call Kingsmith Homes to discuss further.


Ten year Structural - Offers coverage against structural defects.


If you have any questions regarding your warranty coverage please contact the Kingsmith Homes office (see below).  Alternately, you may visit the Alberta New Home Warranty website.


It is normal to expect adjustments and minor repairs in your new home during the first year, though we strive to minimize these through the construction phases. Your warranty does not cover items that have failed due to abuse or lack of maintenance.


Typically, service reviews are initiated by the homeowner. If you notice items in your home that require attention, please prioritize them.  A water leak or something of a serious nature must be reported immediately to minimize damage. Alternately, a list of minor aesthetic issues could be accumulated so that several items could be repaired in one visit.


We prefer to be contacted via email for service or warranty issues (please phone in an emergency). Any “year end” items should be submitted prior to your first year anniversary to ensure warranty coverage. By you following this procedure this will help us rectify service items quickly and efficiently.


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