Are Our Commitment

We gratefully thank you for buying your new home from Kingsmith. We sincerely hope that your home provides you with many years of comfort and enjoyment.


After your home has been completed and is ready for occupancy, our commitment to you moves into the next phase. Kingsmith Homes sees this as the beginning of the next chapter and not the end of our relationship. We see this as a milestone in our journey together not just a completion date. We want to ensure that your home has enduring value and that you continue to be pleased with our product. As we transition from construction to the warranty period we will continue to walk with you to ensure that your home performs up to our standards and your expectations. We want you to remain satisfied and confident that your chosen builder has delivered on our promise of providing exceptional value and industry leading quality and craftsmanship.   

The following is the breakdown on what you can expect during the warranty period.

It is normal to expect adjustments and minor repairs in your new home during the first year, though we strive to minimize these through the construction phases, sometimes we need to make minor adjustments.

Typically, service reviews are initiated by the homeowner. If you notice items in your home that require our attention, please forward your concerns to our service and warranty department who will review and assess each item and determine the most appropriate course of action to resolve your concerns. Urgent concerns such as a water leak should be reported immediately to minimize damage.  Alternately, a list of minor cosmetic issues could be accumulated so that several items can be addressed in one visit.

One year of complete coverage: for construction defects in materials and workmanship.  
Two year coverage on delivery and distribution systems: This provides you with coverage for defects in materials and labor related to delivery and distribution systems including heating, electrical and plumbing systems within the home.
Five year building envelope coverage:  This is coverage against defects in the building envelope. This means that the building envelope needs to remain intact in order for your home function properly. This includes exterior cladding and moisture and vapour barriers.  It is your option to increase your five year building envelope coverage to seven years;  this extended coverage Ten year Structural: coverage for structural defects.

 If you have any questions regarding your warranty coverage please contact the Kingsmith Homes office. 

Once again we thank you for purchasing from Kingsmith Homes. We are honoured and delighted that you have entrusted us as the construction custodians of your new home. 

We want you to know…we sincerely care about you and your new home!





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