Building Futures

"Home School" Has New Meaning

Kingsmith Homes, in partnership with Bow Valley High School and Rocky View Schools, is proud to be an integral part of an innovative educational program called Building Futures. This exciting new program is designed to bridge academics and real life experience with diversified teaching methods outside of the traditional classroom.


Starting in the 2014/15 school year, Grade 10 students will learn real life applications and gain hands-on experience from a variety of trades and professionals as they work through every stage of home building from pre-construction to sale. Students will learn tangible skills taught first hand by electricians, plumbers, carpenters and many other professionals, possibly making connections for future apprenticeship programs. This unique opportunity will allow students to experience teamwork and problem solving skills while instilling a sense of pride and accomplishment for hard work and a job well done.


Participating students will receive their Residential Construction Site Manager Level One Academic accreditation once the project is complete, earning valuable credits and life skills in addition to their regular curriculum. By mentoring students and diversifying their educational experience we are investing in a stronger community. Kingsmith Homes — inspiring young minds and Building Futures!

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